Friday, July 27, 2012

Sheridan Hoops: Hawks Among Biggest Losers in Free Agency

I just saw this today: Moke Hamilton ranks the Hawks as the 4th-worst loser in this summer's free agency. Said Hamilton:

For Ferry, this summer has been about dumping salary and setting up his team to be major players in free agency next summer. For sure, more moves are on the way. But until they happen, it’s fair to label the Hawks as one of this summer’s biggest losers. The bright side for this franchise, though, is that they could easily end up being the biggest winner next summer.

Without [Joe] Johnson, the Hawks will only go as far as Jeff Teague and newly signed Lou Williams can take them. Without Johnson and [Marvin] Williams, the Hawks have lost two starters and it’s very likely that this will be a long season in A-Town.

Hamilton's difficulty with the Hawks roster seems to stem from trades and not free agency. If you compare the players that are outgoing via free agency to the players the Hawks have signed or obtained through trades, I think you can see a reasonable basis for my argument that the Hawks have actually upgraded the team's overall talent. 

Among outgoing Hawks free agents, an argument could be made that Vladimir Radmanovic, Willie Green, Jannero Pargo, Jerry Stackhouse, Jason Collins and Erick Dampier were among the 100 worst players in the league last year. In particular, among centers who played at least 10 games last season and averaged at least 5 minutes per game, only Eddy Curry and Jamaal Magloire posted a worse Player Efficiency Rating last year than Collins and Dampier, according to John Hollinger's rankings.

Those 6 players represent almost half of a minimum NBA roster. To (hopefully) replace those 6 players, the Hawks have brought in Lou Williams, Anthony Morrow, Devin Harris and Kyle Korver, none of whom would be considered among the 100 worst players in the NBA. You can make any argument you like about where Johan Petro, Jordan Williams, DeShawn Stevenson and John Jenkins will rank this year, but if Petro is the worst player in that group, he's a clear upgrade over Collins and Dampier.


  1. Another result of national media paying no attention to the Hawks and their strengths. Only as far as Teague and Lou can take them? Hope Josh Smith has that quote up in his locker.

  2. Yeah Barton... pretty weak analysis I'm responding to but people always seem to sell the Hawks short. Who had the Hawks finishing with the 4th-best record in the East last year?