Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teague's Team?

Lang Greene at Hoopsworld conducted an interview with Hawks GM Danny Ferry and came away with this interesting quote:

“He’s still a young player,” Ferry said of Teague. “Last year was the first time where he just played. He got to play, totally green lighted. It will be interesting to see how he matures this year and continues to develop with things. It will be more his team. We don’t have Joe. We don’t have Marvin. It will be more of Jeff’s team than it has ever been. I think he’s capable of stepping in and doing a good job with that.”

This isn't Ferry's first instance of making statements that go beyond personnel acquisition and into the realm of personnel utilization. Ferry previously told Michael Cunningham from the AJC, "We'll play differently. We will play through our point guards and attacking guards more." I speculated on Sunday that Devin Harris might unseat Teague as the starting point guard. It looks like Ferry might have other plans.


  1. Seems to be consistent with Ferry's desire to groom the youngsters. I like Harris, but I think we need him and his ability to get his own shot coming off the bench to create a stout one-two punch with Lou. I think doing that will give Drew a nice balance in his starting and reserve rotations of passing, sharp shooting, shot creators and rebounding (although rebounding and defense will be weak).

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