Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More From Aaron McGuire: Al Horford is Good

Aaron McGuire over at Gothic Ginobili is in the process of publishing a capsule for every player in the league. This is must-read material, and I have previously cited his capsule for Lou Williams. The latest capsule of interest to followers of the Hawks is Al Horford (scroll down past Paul Pierce and Shane Battier). As with Williams, McGuire again sees an underrated player:
He’s one of the better floor-spacing power forwards in the league, and for his career, he’s shot an incredible 47% from the long midrange. Wondering where that ranks among the league? Consider this. Last season, only eight players in the entire league matched Horford’s career average from that distance.
He’s a lights-out passer, too — in 2011 (his last healthy season), Horford sported 3.5 assists a night. That was by far the best among centers in the league. And even if you compare him to players at his natural position of power forward, the only players that season who matched him in assists per 48 minutes were Lamar Odom and Tim Duncan.
McGuire's only knocks on Horford are for his poor conditioning, weak post game and lack of impact in the 4th quarter. McGuire says the lack of late-game impact is a result of said conditioning. If that's the case, maybe this year's playoff series against Boston gave us a glimpse of what Horford could do if he kept himself in better shape. Despite playing in only three post-season games after returning from injury, Horford scored as many 4th-quarter baskets for the series as Joe Johnson and Josh Smith combined.

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