Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stop The Presses: Another Ivan Johnson Update

Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus reports that the Hawks' signing of Lou Williams using the mid-level exception has placed the Hawks up against a hard cap that may cost the team an opportunity to retain Ivan Johnson. According to Pincus:

The Mid-Level Exception was used on Lou Williams, which locked in a hard cap of $74.3 million.  While the Hawks cannot exceed that number under any circumstances, at $64.6 million in salary, they aren’t close enough to be concerned.

That leaves the team’s Bi-Annual Exception of $1.957 million for Johnson if the Hawks are to pay him more than his offer sheet. Another team could lure him away without restriction with an offer of $1.958 million and the Hawks would have no opportunity to stop it.

Disturbing news indeed, although if any teams are interested in Johnson at just under $2 million, they've certainly kept those plans under wrap.

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