Tuesday, August 14, 2012

UPDATE: Stan Van Gundy Audio

Reader PortalTib was kind enough to supply a link to the ESPN Radio audio of Chuck Wilson and Ian Fitzsimmons' interview with Stan Van Gundy on SportsCenter Sunday that I referenced in my earlier post. After Van Gundy spoke glowingly of his working relationship with Dwight Howard, Wilson asked, "If it was so great, why did it end so badly in Orlando?" Van Gundy responded:
I really don't put any blame on Dwight for what happened at all in terms of my situation. What he did was pretty normal stuff for NBA players in that he voiced an opinion to management. There were a few things that obviously I would have liked done differently. Mainly my contention was what happened with our management and ownership [was] what made the situation into what it became. Had it been handled better at that end, things would have never gotten to the point that they did.
Wilson followed up by asking, "So you blame the front office more than Dwight Howard?"
There's no question. Players will do what players do, and certainly voicing opinions is their right. But we went off course, in my opinion, in terms of how we handled the situation.
Earlier I wrote that some might question Van Gundy's sincerity in exonerating Howard now, with an eye toward a future head coaching gig. But listening to the audio, I personally can't question that sincerity. I think it's possible that Van Gundy lacked that perspective when he lashed out at Howard, but has gained it since.

On a related note, Rep ATL getting its first link on Henry Abbott's TrueHoop Blog is pretty sweet.

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