Friday, September 14, 2012

Ivan Johnson Signs for Qualifying Offer

If you've followed the Rep ATL Blog since I started it in July, then you know I have much love for Ivan Johnson. After all, what could rep the A better than a player who comes out of nowhere, wears a diamond grill while playing regulation NBA games and refers to anybody not named Dwight, Kobe or LeBron as "extra guys."

In my first analysis for this blog, I referred to Johnson as the key to the Hawks roster. His unique combination of foot speed, elite strength, ball handling and shooting ability enable him to be a factor at both ends of the floor at both forward positions and center. Comcast SportsNet is now reporting that Johnson has signed his qualifying offer of 1 year at just under $1m.

Hat tip to "The Truth" at the AJC Hawks Blog for spotting the link.


  1. And thus concludes a deeply satisfying offseason.

    Haven't said that since... well... ever.

  2. This is going to be a feisty squad. Thanks for the update. Ivan is a great piece.

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