Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Introducing the Mid-Range Shawty Meter

The Hawks got a quality win tonight. A .500 record against this brutal early schedule is nothing to downplay. On top of that, Josh Smith paced the Hawks with a gutsy 19 points and brilliant passing despite playing through illness.

But I gotta say it.

Josh shot 1-for-12 outside the paint for the game. For the season, Josh has shot 5-for-34 outside the paint. That's 15%, or, in the parlance of our times, "not a good look."

I'll be tracking this stat all season. If anybody wants to come up with a nifty graphic for the Mid-Range Shawty Meter, I'll be glad to post it.

In the meantime, a hamstring injury for Devin Harris saved Larry Drew from the nightly meltdown spanning the end of the third and start of the 4th quarter. Jeff Teague stayed in at point until 31 seconds before the close of the 3rd, then gave way to Lou Williams. With a lineup of Ivan Johnson, DeShawn Stevenson, Anthony Morrow and Zaza Pachulia, Williams ran point and maintained an 8 point advantage until Teague checked back in with 9:07 to play.

The Williams/Morrow back court was something I called for last night. Although all of the team's points were scored by Williams during this stint, at least the lineup didn't dig a massive hole the way the Harris/Williams back court has been prone to.

Stevenson has been among the Hawks leaders in aggregate +/- this season, and he substantially contributed to the win with his defense. But is anybody surprised that Nicolas Batum had 19 points and 7 rebounds? Anybody missing Marvin Williams yet? (Hat tip: Najeh)

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