Friday, November 16, 2012

Jannero Pargo Cut By Winless Wizards

From an press release regarding the signing of Shaun Livingston by the Washington Wizards:

"The Wizards have also waived Jannero Pargo. He appeared in seven games while averaging 3.0 points and 2.0 rebounds in 14.6 minutes."

When I saw that Pargo had signed with the Wizards in the wake of John Wall's injury, I thought, "good for him." It seemed like a good opportunity.

But after playing close to 15 minutes per game in 7 games, Pargo was cut by the Wizards to open a roster spot for Livingston.

Last month I wrote:
I feel that [Larry Drew's] decisions in consecutive postseasons to play marginal players (Josh Powell, Jason Collins, Jannero Pargo, Willie Green) ahead of legitimate rotation players (Zaza Pachulia, Kirk Hinrich) prevented the Hawks from reaching the Eastern Conference Finals. Other pundits have parroted each other over and over, saying the Hawks "reached their ceiling" in the second round. I disagree. I feel the ceiling for the Hawks was the conference championship series, and poor coaching kept the team from reaching it.
Pargo now joins Powell, who played in the pre-season with the Spurs but did not earn a roster spot, among players who received substantial playoff minutes under Drew and subsequently found themselves without a job in the NBA.

Here is what I wrote following the Hawks' first round playoff series loss to the Celtics in May:
Hinrich played 26 scoreless minutes, but as [AJC's Michael] Cunningham broke down here, he kept Rondo from going off. With the Hawks trailing 54-53 with 2:05 to play in the 3rd quarter, Pargo replaced Hinrich. By the time Marvin Williams checked in for Pargo with 7:39 to play in the 4th, the Hawks trailed 74-65. For the game, the Hawks played the Celtics even while Hinrich was on the floor and were outscored by 11 with Pargo on the floor. The Hawks lost by 6. Hinrich did not take the floor in overtime but minimum salary players Willie Green, Vladimir Radmanovic, Tracy McGrady and Jason "Instant Offense" Collins did.
Think about it. Kirk Hinrich is currently the starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls. Jannero Pargo is currently out of the league. And yet Larry Drew played Pargo ahead of Hinrich in the 4th quarter of a pivotal playoff game.


Who just got cut by the Wizards.

Think about it.


  1. Is Ferry an attractive enough piece to get a legitimate head coach? Are Teague, Horford, and Smoove?

    On a side note - is Woody the difference in NYC or the benefactor of a roster of studs and good role players.

  2. Barton, I wrote for Hoopinion in February that:

    "I see Carmelo as a player in the Dominique Wilkins mold, a quintessential me-first, personal-stat-obsessed player who does not want to exert energy on the defensive end."

    This season I'm seeing Carmelo hustle on defense AND pass the ball. I am astounded by this and think Woody deserves a lot of credit. The season is still young, and I hope Josh turns things around. But right now Carmelo is a top-3 player in the NBA. Josh isn't top 30 right now.

  3. Well Barton, let me ask you this. Would you want Mike Brown as a replacement for LD? He has history with Ferry and he will certainly be available. But is that the right coach for the Hawks to pursue a championship with? Do you think free agent difference makers would come here to play for Mike Brown?

  4. I'm not sure if Mike would be the coach. His Princeton style offense would probably work well for our team of shooters and athletic bigs. I'm just not convinced of the "votes of confidence" he's received from Kobe and Lebron. If he has the respect of superstars then I think he might have more credibility than LD, but I get the feeling it's not that much more.